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Our Services

Concept Development:

Developing the concept is the creative process that is all about you and interpreting your vision. It is not just about plans, bricks and mortar, but about lifestyles, family, friends or corporate culture.

In the comfort of your home or office, or around our boardroom table, our professional team will guide you through the creative process, offering inspired and innovative design solutions. Supporting the process, we have developed long-term relationships with a select group of professional architects, engineers and draftspersons that share our commitment to excellence in creativity and client care.

From traditional to contemporary, urban oasis to country cottage or waterfront retreat, or corporate comfort and functionality whatever style inspires you our creative team will work closely with you to develop the architectural plans, budgets and timelines to craft your dreams into reality.

At Prycon Custom Building, there is no limit to capturing and building creativity.

“Matthew is the man who believes in all your dreams with a determined passion to make them all come true.”

C. Harrison

“As this was our first experience with building a custom home, we were unsure of what to expect. Matt was extremely patient and helpful as we went through the initial planning and budgeting phase. Looking back, we cant imagine having gone through the process as efficiently and professionally with any other builder.”

D. & K. Wilson

“Two words come to mind in describing my twelve year association with Prycon Excellence and ethics.  From brainstorming a multitude of custom homes, renovations and additions that they have brought through my office to their involvement in the building of my personal residence those two words always ring true.”

M. Taylor, B.Tech
Cornerstones Residential Design

“It has been 11+ years I have worked with Prycon on a multitude of projects ranging from small to large residential and commercial developments. During that time, we have witnessed their professionalism and integrity including loyalty and responsibility to involve the best local trades that support honest service and growth within our community. Time and time again, I hear from our referred clients that they have never dealt with a more professional company before. They recognize when and where Engineering services are required and if there is ever any doubt consult Avanti without hesitation to ensure the best possible build for their client coupled with respect for the established budget.”

J. Stradiotto, P. Eng.
Avanti Engineering & Design Inc.

Project Management:

From the moment Prycon Custom Building welcomes you as a client, your personal Project Manager, a senior member of our management team, is your build-partner, who understands not only the mechanics of your plan but your creative vision too. Knowledgeable and accountable, they oversee every detail to ensure the integrity of your build from sourcing and supplying of materials, environmental alternatives, staffing and preferred sub-trade selection, to timelines and budgets.

We believe the best made plans allow for flexibility and change to ensure our clients are completely satisfied. Highly skilled and adaptable, your Project Manager will guide you through the change process, offering creative, economical modifications and innovative solutions.

Prycon Custom Buildings consultative team approach to construction and quality control, directed by senior management during each phase of construction, ensures that old world craftsmanship is our standard in every residential and commercial project; this is what makes

Prycon Custom Building an award winning company.

“Given the immense task of preparing the land, building and finishing an 8,000 sq. ft home, as well as an extra 3-bay garage on the summit of a large hill, it amazes me to this day how easily and relaxed the entire operation flowed.”

J. Harris

“I want to thank Prycon, their staff and trades for the successful and stress-free build of my home. My custom house project came in on schedule, on time and on budget and included all the finite details that new homeowners forget and professional builders make sure are there.”

B. Smith

“Prycon was great to work with.  Never a problem to visit the site, get a tour and see what was going on.  Client happiness is a priority!”

Dr. P. Lechten
Allandale Veterinary Hospital

Design Specialist:

Whatever your style and colour preferences “ old world, traditional, contemporary, urban or eco luxury, rustic, shabby chic, eclectic or romantic “ our design specialist will work intimately with you, creatively directing the selection process to create a consistent theme.

Our design specialist, as part of the consultative team and working closely with the Project Manager, will ensure your design selections will always be made within the appropriate timelines and established budgets.

With extensive product knowledge, from exterior finishes to flooring, plumbing fixtures, trim, millwork, hardware, fireplace design, paint colours, and everything in between, each selection is made to craft a total look that turns your house into a home, or your commercial space into a professional work environment.

Our design services transform your home or office plans and ideas into beautiful and functional environments.

“We found the design services were invaluable.  We could not have gone throught the project without it. They listened to us and really took the time to understand the look we wanted to achieve and made it happen. We are truly grateful.”

K. & G. Patry

“We may be an animal hospital, but thanks to the beautiful design choices our clients say they feel like they are at a spa.  We have even had clients asking where they can go to get the same colours, fixtures, etc.”

Dr. P. Lechten
Allandale Veterinary Hospital


We put our experience, passion and commitment into uncompromised quality in every residential and commercial project.

On-site supervisors work closely with our Project Manager to guide and oversee construction, ensuring adherence to the plans, processes, and techniques. They are committed to managing each project to ensure that it is completed to Prycon Custom Building’s level of excellence in building practices, exceeding building code and our client’s expectations … all within your approved budgets and timelines.

Our superior level of excellence can only be achieved with a fully trained and WSIB insured staff working closely with highly skilled, licensed and insured trades that have demonstrated their commitment to Prycons excellence in construction, care and service to our clients. Regular on-site meetings with management and staff, along with quality control inspections, ensure and protect the integrity of our corporate values during the construction process.

By integrating the best in today’s building sciences, materials and old world craftsmanship, you will see Prycon Custom Building’s commitment to uncompromised quality.

“I have enjoyed working with them through every phase of the renovation process, from plans and permits down to the last finishing touches. They are creative problem solvers who have thorough knowledge of the entire construction and renovation process.”

A. Morrison


“We knew we could expect an attractive, well built project with Prycon doing the construction.  Never had to worry that work was not of the absolutely highest quality.”

Dr. P. Lechten
Allandale Veterinary Hospital

Service & Warranty:

Each Prycon project is completed by our team of professionals with the utmost care, attention to detail, and exceeds industry standards to protect the integrity of the project and ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

Whatever your project, regardless of size, residential or commercial, we provide the same service and warranty principles to all our clients.

On move in day you can truly enjoy your new living or working environment knowing that Prycon Custom Buildings commitment to you during the concept development and construction processes continues with exceptionally high service standards after our team of professionals have gone home.

“I cannot compliment Matt and Stephen enough in regard to their after sales service. I would recommend Prycon to any individual looking for a renovation or building project.”

K. Kieller

“Thanks. Thats the service level, with and attendant up-beat attitude that sets you guys apart from your competition.”

T. Snelgrove